How Much Do I Have To Pay When Inheriting A Property Valuation Adelaide?

Receiving a house in inheritance can be a precious gift or a headache. It all depends on the economic situation in which the beneficiary finds himself, the relationship he has with the owner of the Property Valuation Adelaide and the autonomous community of Spain in which the person leaving the inheritance resides. And it is that, in each region, the taxes for inheriting a home and its bonuses can vary up to several thousand euros.

Although it is difficult to provide exact figures, in this article we review some of the most important keys to have a more accurate idea and do the math well before making the decision to accept the inheritance or not .

What taxes are paid when inheriting a home?

Inheriting a home is not always synonymous with joy. In many cases, not having the money needed to pay the taxes that it entails can turn the dream of owning a home into a nightmare. But what are those taxes?

All assets that are inherited are subject to inheritance tax (with the sole exception of pension plans). But in the case of a home Real Estate, you must also take into account another tax called municipal capital gains . Each of these taxes that are paid when inheriting a home have their own characteristics and variations according to the autonomous community and the municipality in which they must be paid.

Inheritance tax is one of the two tax obligations that must be met when inheriting a home. And the first thing to keep in mind in this case is that it is paid in the autonomous community of the deceased person . You cannot choose where to pay it. When it is the spouses or direct descendants who inherit, the law establishes a reduction of 95% of the tax base (up to a maximum of approximately 122,000 euros).

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